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Corporate Culture

“Ethics is not a branch of economic”


Social capital is primary. Financial capital is its derivative. What lies behind this claim? It is the trust and respect of our clients, colleagues and employees as the key indicator of professionalism.
Clients’ trust and colleagues’ respect can show up only where there is a high level of integrity and business culture, which means:
  1. With regard to everyone – running a business according to moral standards and laws.
  2. With regard to employees – creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and professional growth.
  3. With regard to clients – managing the quality of work in accordance with every client’s demands and expectations, and thus maintaining decent reputation in the respective sphere. Meeting expectations means exceeding the existing and anticipating new expectations. Therefore, we are doing our best to develop mutual understanding and ensure maximum satisfaction of our clients’ needs; we are pleased to learn from our clients’ feedback that we deliver on these objectives.
  4. With regard to colleagues– adhering to the norms of behavior of the legal community.


Address of SK GROUP Managing Partner:


 Setting high ethical standards in the culture of professional behavior of each SK GROUP employee on a daily basis and in every working aspect is one of my tasks as a Managing Partner. Personally, I believe that ethics and moral qualities are a strong point of our team and the basis for the company’s further growth and prosperity. Please take a couple of minutes to make it clear for yourself what high ethical standards mean personally to you and what ethical behavior means to you. I am sure that as soon as you find your own answers, you will duly appreciate the effort we take to promote by our own example the strengthening of ethical behavior in the culture of doing business in Ukraine.
 Olga Solovyova 
Here is SK GROUP’s Code of Conduct download.

We also strictly adhere to the Code of Lawyers’ Ethics, which you can read as well. Download


Integrity is the basis of our relations with the client. The Clients’ trust is the highest value. When coming to SK GROUP, each of our clients can be sure that:
- if we start working on their case, it means that we know how to handle it in order to achieve the result desired by the client;
- their case will receive our maximum attention;
- before we start working on the case, they will be informed of the legal prospects of the case;
- they will receive complete information about the case progress on a regular basis;
- they will receive information about the actual time spent on the case, which means they will be able to check whether our prices are justified;
- we do not overstate the number of paid hours (we do not train our employees at your expense!);
- we do not guarantee the desired result; what we do guarantee is that we will invest all our professionalism, knowledge, experience and desire to win in the fight for your interests;
- we are not limited just to follow our clients’ current needs, we are in a constant search for ways to further improve their business and we suggest relevant options;
- we would like to accompany our clients throughout their long and successful business history, and we will make every effort to preserve and maintain business and personal relations.


SK GROUP Attorneys-at-Law has a very serious approach to ensuring your privacy. To this end, we have developed the Privacy Policy that describes how we collect, use, disclose, transmit and store your information. We reserve the right to change our privacy policy from time to time at our discretion. Please read our rules of privacy and let us know if you have any questions.
Download Privacy Policy


We are responsible for everything that goes on around us. We actively influence our environment to make life around us better, more colorful and civilized. We can give a chance of employment in our company to a law school graduate without any previous work experience. It is very difficult for young lawyers to find their first jobs. We offer everyone who’s willing to make their first steps in the legal profession an opportunity to find their first official employment in our company and participate in a “mentoring” program that enables them to “get on their own feet” and receive invaluable experience of real work.


We recognize the direct and indirect impact of our activities on the environment and are trying to learn more about the company’s and every employee’s influence on it. SK GROUP is implementing a corporate campaign called Preserve Forests – Breathe Easier, aimed at decreasing the company’s impact on the environment. To this end, we have taken measures to reduce the volumes of paper used in our offices.