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Philosophy and Mission of the Company

“Integrity is not an empty word in business.

 It is the name of the game”


We are justifiably proud of the fact that we resolve our Clients’ most complex problems and remove their causes.

Everything we do as lawyers contributes to the growth of efficiency of our Clients’ businesses, because in all our activities we are guided by simple principles:

Examples of our own negotiation excellence, resolution of seemingly intractable disputes and performance of challenging tasks inspire us for new achievements.
We draw our strength from the ability to remain decent and honest in our activities without any negative impact on our progress towards success together with our Clients. Choosing an attorney is like choosing a doctor; both are chosen on the basis of professional reputation and good name. Social capital is primary. Financial capital is its derivative.
Being focused guarantees top quality:to succeed in what we do, we leave out all that’s not essential. The thought that people may be good at everything is a myth. We are confident that it’s better to be the best in what’s essential than to be ‘fairly good’ in all areas. We only do what we do; that’s where we can be really useful, confident and perfect.
Determination can move mountains: when you hire an attorney, you expect that he/she will win and not just handle the matter for you. We do not like to lose; only the passion and the ability to win by doing our job is stronger than that. Therefore, we can work beyond working hours to ensure responsiveness and achieve the best result. 
We all do it for each other, because we only hire people who do not seek internal competition in pursuit of the firm’s benefits; such competition hinders the achievement of the main purpose, which is to perform legal work at the highest possible level. When we win a case, we understand that the victory does not only belong to those who worked in the courtroom.
We – colleagues and clients – sincerely value each other, empathize with each other’s circumstances and rejoice at our success, accept different viewpoints, try and see the situation through the eyes of other people, constantly cultivate our abilities and recognize each person’s contribution to the final result. We engage all the lawyers and attorneys of our team, regardless of their position, in searching for ideas and solutions, exchanging proposals and examples. Therefore, apart from the satisfaction with the final result obtained for the Client, legal practice helps all our Team members enjoy the process.
The future of any business depends on the attitude towards it. The high quality of legal support is one of the indicators of decent attitude. Success comes to professionals who are enthusiastic about their job, because there is nothing they cannot do. We know it from our own experience. We have no stereotypes and successfully generate out-of-the-box solutions where it is necessary to defend your interests in the best way.
We are diverse and are proud of that. A team of more than 20 colleagues who differ in their area of expertise, experience, potential and character can handle any task. Some of our colleagues disapprove of the ‘lawyer’s image’, which implies a formal suit, a cold look and emotionless face. By the way, we are one of the few top law firms where 90% of the executive positions (partners, heads of practices and representative offices) are held by women. This enhances trust in relationships as well as accuracy, scrupulousness and diligence during hard work, which oftentimes is crucial for success.
Besides, our diversity and ability to make the most of it will also be to the benefit of your interests. That’s why our Team can handle any legal task of any level of complexity.