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Administration of investment projects

“Investors know how to decrease losses.

They are not afraid to admit their mistakes.

They care not about saving their face, but about saving their money.

If the investment is a failure, they cut the ends and vamoose.

This first rule in business is: protect your investments”


Expert administration of investment projects, especially projects with foreign investments is the most relevant problem faced by investors and project initiators. Engagement of highly qualified specialists in investment project administration makes it possible to decrease the risks as much as possible and to create favorable conditions for successful project implementation.

Upon your request, we can provide assistance at all stages of the investment project – from investment program development to creation of a package of documents and support during the registration processes.

Procedure of work on investment project administration:

    • preparation of an investment memorandum and presentation materials for potential investors on the basis of project evaluation results
    • identification of criteria for selection of potential investors (partners)
    • exercise of a set of measures to promote the project
    • participation in presentations of the project and negotiations with the investor

Legal support in green field investments:

    • selection of a region in terms of the most favorable investment climate
    • analysis of local legislation and steps aimed at minimizing the prospective tax load
    • due diligence of the status of the site selected for placement of investment objects
    • preparation of draft investment agreements
    • settlement of corporate issues (establishment of a legal entity, preparation of corporate documents, issues related to personnel hiring, etc.)
    • provision of legal support for purchasing a selected site (legal assistance in the transaction, participation in negotiations concerning the conditions of the site purchase)
    • participation in pre-project documentation drafting
    • registration of ownership rights to the constructed buildings and unfinished construction objects
    • legal advice on import of equipment, including as part of the contribution to the statutory capital (legal assistance in the procedure of receiving benefits for payment of customs duties and VAT)
    • post-investment assistance (issues pertaining to protection of environment, certification of products, conflict resolution, insurance, tax issues, further legal support in the investor’s financial and economic activities, etc.)
    • consultations at the stage of construction

Legal support in brown field investments:

    • due diligence of the legal status of acquired assets to identify risks related to their purchase: shares/participatory interests of companies, real estate items, including land plots, rights to the results of intellectual activities (trade mark, patent, etc.)
    • due diligence of the possibility of changing the legal status of available assets from the point of view of further fulfillment of the investor’s intention
    • legal support in purchasing the asset, including drafting the agreements that will be signed, representation of interests before state authorities
    • estimation and analysis of commercial risks after purchase of the asset, development of measures aimed at risk minimization, analysis and evaluation of tax consequences of the transaction
    • legal advice on the choice of a model of contractual relations between the client and his counterparties (joint activities, investments, project financing, franchising agreement)
    • regulation of land relations (land lease and sub-lease from private individuals)
    • representation of investor’s interests before state authorities to obtain a construction permit
    • obtainment of all approvals and permits from architecture and urban planning authorities as provided by law.

Good luck to you with your investments!