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Due diligence (DD)

“Attention to details to a great extent determines

successful implementation of business ideas”


We have the knowledge and experience necessary to carry out due diligence for companies in various sectors of economy at a high level. We provide recommendations on how to minimize and eliminate the discovered risks, and how to protect purchased assets. The results of our due diligence serve as an important justification of investment decision-making. The unique Due Diligence Matrix (developed by the company lawyers) makes it possible to carry out due diligence within the shortest possible time without any compromise to the quality and depth of examination.

Attorneys and lawyers of our company have experience in preparing Due Diligence Review in the following business areas:
- banking institution;
- insurance company;
- oil industry concern;
- large machine-building factory;
- research and development institution;
- holding company in the media, advertising, and entertainment sphere;
- agricultural processing enterprises;
- coal improvement factory;
- metal work production plant.
In the course of due diligence we -
    • list questions to be examined as well as relevance criteria;
    • develop a DD schedule;
    • develop a list and collect information/documents for analysis;
    • study documents and evaluate information;
    • describe risks, analyze them and provide recommendations on their minimization;
    • provide conclusions on due diligence results and describe their meaning for managerial decision making within the framework of the planned transaction.
we also prepare the Tax Due Diligence Review, in which we carry out
  • analysis of taxes to be paid;
  • affiliated entities, related parties, assessment of the tax risk data; 
  •  analysis and evaluation of general tax risks;
  • analysis of possible outcomes of applying transfer pricing;
  • evaluation of criminal legal outcomes related to the analyzed entity.