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Finance, banking law and insurance

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Practice in the financial sector (banks, corporate finance, leasing, and insurance) has been one of the key areas of SK GROUP activities since its foundation. We have accumulated significant experience of providing legal support to organizations in the financial sector, and developed unique legal methods.

Our company is one of the recognized leaders in providing legal support to organizations in the financial sector. The company lawyers are leading experts in this legislative area, authors of articles published in the media, and presentations at conferences and seminars.

Our company’s attorneys and lawyers have experience of working with the State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine, major Ukrainian banks with foreign capital, one of TOP 10 insurance companies, as well as vast experience of working in courts and giving legal advice to legal services providers.

We specialize in representing lending organizations in particularly difficult legal proceedings. For instance, our attorneys represent the interests in proceedings related to application of exchange law and bank guarantee law. We also represent the interests in the cases on foreclosure of pledged assets, including mortgage.

The significant experience gained by our lawyers in protecting the interests of banks and leasing companies enables us to achieve estimable results in cases when our company recovers debts for the benefit of banks and leasing companies, when borrowers/lessees and their affiliated entities actively oppose examination of the dispute on the debt recovery by submitting counter-claims or independent claims, creating artificial indebtedness, taking action related to deliberate or fraudulent bankruptcy, reconstructing the mortgaged property, changing the addresses, and by way of illegal alienation of the mortgaged property.

Our company also offers services related to legal support for the establishment and purchase of banks, mergers and acquisitions in the banking sphere. When providing such services, we give recommendations to the client, conduct negotiations with the client’s counterparties, develop transaction schemes, draft a detailed step-by-step plan, prepare the necessary documents, reconcile and implement the reconciliation procedures as provided by law. We have supported numerous activities required by legal and regulatory acts that require preliminary consent, notification, permission from the National Bank of Ukraine and its territorial agencies.

The company specialists have in-depth knowledge of banking, corporate, currency, and tax legislation, and they also know the requirements of regulatory authorities.

We have considerable experience of drafting agreements concluded by banks in the course of their activities – loan agreements, pledge agreements, mortgage agreements, surety agreements, and others. Such draft agreements are developed on the basis of practical longstanding experience of working with this category of cases in judicial proceedings.

Disputes involving leasing companies are extremely difficult since financial leasing agreements are full of complicated phrases and formulas used for calculating leasing payments, which are often incomprehensible for a person without a special training. Four years of work in the area of judicial protection of the interests of leasing companies, the developed schemes for recovering leasing payment debts and return of the leased items enable the company lawyers to provide efficient protection of the interests of lessors and lessees in this category of disputes. Due to the unique developments (schemes of work with leasing payment debts) regarding lessees’ bankruptcy procedures, we have successfully implemented many projects related to the involvement of investors in the bankruptcy process.  

Our services:
    • establishment of banks;
    • acquisition of banks, including by foreign investors;
    • mergers and acquisitions in the financial sector;
    • provision of legal advice on currency legislation issues;
    • legal support of banking transactions;
    • provision of advice to banks on issues related to tax legislation and representation of banks’ interests in tax disputes;
    • provision of legal advice on issues related to bankruptcy of debtors of lending and leasing organizations;
    • work with impaired assets of banks, leasing companies, insurers;
    • provision of advice on issues related to activities in the area of insurance, and re-insurance;
    • disputes involving banks, insurance companies, and leasing companies.
We represent the interests of:
    • lending organizations in judicial proceedings on debt recovery, including enforcement proceedings, providing this service at the Hard and Legal Collection stage. You can download here a more detailed presentation of our services in this area;
    • leasing companies and lessees in disputes related to implementation of financial leasing agreements;
    • lending and leasing organizations in debtors’ bankruptcy procedures;
    • customers in disputes related to implementation of insurance agreements, their validity, and collection of insurance payment pursuant to the recourse procedure;