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Government relations

“Someone may say it is a dirty business.

Yet, today no state can afford to turn up its nose at money.

This is a road to the future…”


GR refers to representation and protection of interests before governmental institutions. It is an attempt of organizations or individual citizens to influence not only the process of adopting, rejecting or amending laws in the parliament, but also to influence administrative decisions of the government with the help not only of the elected members of parliament but also of various political parties, governmental and non-governmental organizations, public support and mass media involvement.

The term “lobbyism” was first used in Britain in the mid- XIX century when some individuals began to come together regularly in the lobbies of legislative chambers before sessions in order to influence members of parliament by giving them information about the bills. Today, this term is used in a wider sense. GR today is an international phenomenon.

While GR in Ukraine is still associated with illegal activities and is considered to be almost synonymous to corruption, respective organizations in developed economies offer services to their clients (enterprises, industry associations, etc.) related to interaction with the state authorities on a professional basis. These are services in the area of drafting and correcting bills and legal and regulatory acts with regard to business needs, justification of positive decisions on certain appeals of business people to the government. Such consulting services can be provided in all spheres of vital activities of the society. The advantage of such specialist services in the lobbyism area is ensuring complete legality and knowledge of the methods of influencing the governmental officials.

Methods of GR:

    • private meetings with legislators,

    • collection of information,

    • research and preparation of presentations for legislators,

    • attendance of and presentations at hearings of committees and other governmental institutions,

    • provision of professional advice, assistance and law drafting;

    • invitation of legislators to public events and unofficial meetings.

We provide such services both in Ukraine and in the European Union institutions.

Lobbying your interests in the EU download presentation.