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Legal protection in criminal cases

“You will never be able to solve a problem

if you continue to use the approach that led you to this problem”


A criminal case is always serious, regardless of what you are accused of and who accuses you. A criminal case always leaves a dark spot on the reputation of a company or an individual. Not to mention the fact that sanctions for violation of criminal legislation are costly in all respects.

Who is in the risk zone?

A criminal case is often used as means of destroying competitors during a backstage fight. Accusations of bribery, official crimes, corruption are unfair means aimed at immediate destruction of the competitor’s reputation. The hazard zone often includes officials, successful entrepreneurs and companies that have something to lose, and that understand the value of professionalism and brilliant reputation.

Do not forget that criminal law practice is a special sphere of legal activities. In a criminal case, you will be saved only by a reasonable legal position and carefully developed defense strategy that will be competently presented in court by a professional lawyer. Where an ordinary person will lose courage and panic, a lawyer experienced in criminal cases will be able to justify his position clearly and accurately, support it with strong evidence, and brilliantly close the case.

The new provision introduced by legislators is criminal liability of legal entities. Experienced lawyers of our company can analyze criminal legal risks related to the activities of a legal entity and its officials, and provide consultations on minimization thereof.

Search – seizure. What can be more unpleasant than rude intrusion of law enforcement bodies in economic and private life of legal entities and individuals? Only negative consequences of the absence of adequate protection in the course of such procedural actions will be the most painful thing. Our company lawyers will ensure decent reaction and counteraction to all hostile activities of operative and investigation officers. Do not let them intimidate you! The right to protection in a criminal case guaranteed by the Ukrainian Constitution can be exercised by any entity involved in such non-standard legal situations, regardless of its procedural status.