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Litigation and international arbitration

“The first rule is not to lose.

The second rule is not to forget the first rule”


Almost everyone needs legal services, at least once in their lifetime. Given the current pace of life, it happens much more often, not to mention legal entities! The most frequent answer to the question “Who is an attorney?” is as follows: an attorney is a lawyer who mainly protects and represents individuals or legal entities in court. Hence, even as our company was being established we realized that this would be our favorite practice!

And we were right. Today, litigation is a priority practice among all areas of the company’s activities.

Our services related to representation of customers’ interests include nearly all types of commercial disputes – from tax disputes to fraud. Because of the crisis developments in the economy, in recent years more than 80% of our work in courts has consisted of cases related to settlement of overdue debts, and support in bankruptcy procedures.

According to statistics, in 2012 our attorneys won 90% of court cases in which we were involved. Over the last year, we won five cases on seven-digit amounts, and the total amount collected by our lawyers through courts and through amicable settlement procedure exceeds one billion hryvnias.

We protect the interests of our clients in courts of all jurisdictions throughout Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Western Europe and the USA. Furthermore, we provided legal assistance in the International Commercial Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, and the European Court of Human Rights.

We represent interests in enforcement proceedings, support the proceeding related to enforcement order issuance on compulsory implementation of an arbitration court decision, proceedings on cases seeking recognition and enforcement of decisions of foreign courts and foreign arbitration decisions.

Categories of cases (area of application of services), including but not limited to:

    • resolution of disputes at the pre-trial stage, representation of parties during negotiations and development of dispute resolution conditions
    • alternative means of dispute regulation (mediation and reconciliation procedures)
    • recovery of debts from debtor and guarantors, foreclosure of pledged (mortgaged) property
    • protection of creditors’ interests in borrowers’ bankruptcy procedures
    • ownership right disputes
    • disputes in the area of securities turnover – shares, bills of exchange, bonds
    • resolution of corporate conflicts, conflicts on protection of the infringed rights of participants and shareholders of business associations, appeals against resolutions of general meetings of participants and shareholders of business associations, protection against corporate raids
    • intellectual property disputes
    • disputes arising from investment activities in the form of capital investments
    • real estate, construction and land use disputes
    • disputes arising out of commercial activities
    • insurance disputes
    • appeals against decisions of arbitration courts
    • family relations disputes
    • protection in cases of administrative or criminal liability
    • other disputes