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Protection of intellectual property rights

“Uniqueness and individuality is an essential part of success”


In the modern world, the value of the results of creative labor is constantly growing. Their legal protection is a guarantee of preservation and development of successful business. In 2010, we appreciated the entire potential of this category of cases and tried the complexity of the process related to protection of intellectual property rights in court. Since then, we have been diligently working and honing our skills in court battles.

Respect for intellectual property rights is not only a civil law duty. It includes the requirements of customs legislation and legislation on fair competition as well as the criminal legal aspect. The many-sided nature of intellectual property rights becomes especially obvious at the stage of contractual work related to disposal of property rights. The specifics of the subject of contract and variability of legal techniques require really qualified work on this category of contracts.      
Our services:
Development of the strategy of legal protection of intellectual property rights:
    • due diligence of protection documents;
    • analysis of results, identification of risks and ways of their minimization;
    • development of strategies of identification and prevention of violations of intellectual property rights.
Contracts concerning the title to intellectual property items:
    • ownership assignment agreements;
    • license agreements.
Protection of rights to intellectual property items and prevention of unfair competition:
    • representation of clients’ interests in judicial disputes;
    • representation of clients’ interests in issues related to prevention of unfair competition;
    • representation of clients’ interests in international arbitration;
    • representation of clients’ interests in customs service with regard to prevention of illegal imports/exports (including transit); 
    • disputes related to invalidation of patents;
    • study of violations that occurred in the course of use of intellectual property items;
    • protection of rights to trademarks, inventions, useful models, industrial samples, geographic locations, arrangement (topography) of integrated microcircuits, plant species;
    • protection of rights of selective breeders;
    • protection of copyright and related rights;
    • protection of rights to commercial (corporate) name and commercial secrets;
    • protection of data and confidential information;
    • recognizing a trademark as generally known in Ukraine.
Protection in a criminal process on cases related to intellectual property violations:
To learn more about our criminal law practice, see here.