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Real estate and construction

“The most crucial thing in business is to focus on creating something important.

I simply worked on something I’d want to use myself”


SK GROUP Attorneys-at-Law uses the technologies of providing legal support to business in the area of land relations, real estate and construction, which enable us to solve the problems identified by our clients and achieve the necessary goals.

Based on such year-long experience in this area, we can offer the following legal product for the following categories of clients:

Comprehensive legal support to activities of developers, development companies which construct real estate objects for various purposes, including:

    • project structuring (preparation of a tentative schedule of activities);

    • representation of customer’s interests before state authorities and local self-government bodies;

    • drafting of legal and regulatory acts of local self-government bodies;

    • due diligence of land-property relations;

    • development of schemes of contractual relations between the developer (customer) and its contractors (joint activities, investments, etc.), drafting of necessary agreements;

    • participation in development of design documents with regard to adherence to urban planning and land legislation,

    • legal advice on issues related to obtaining construction permits and other documents necessary for entering a construction site as well as commissioning permits;

    • preparation of legal conclusions on issues arising out during construction.

Legal support of activities of the general contractor in the event of a construction agreement:

      • drafting of construction contracts,

      • regulation of relations with the customer,

      • preparation of legal conclusions on issues arising out during construction.

Legal support of contractual relations of a party to participatory construction

      • drafting of necessary agreements,

      • representation of interests in relations with the developer, other participants of investment activities in conflict resolution.

Representation of customers’ interests before courts in disputes related to real estate and construction, including but not limited to disputes on:

    • challenging/recognizing the rights to buildings, constructions and land plots (disputes on declaring ownership, reclamation of property illegally owned by others, invalidation of transactions and application of invalidity outcomes, etc.),
    • challenging non-regulatory acts, decisions and acts (omissions) of state authorities, local self-government bodies, other bodies, and officials,
    • termination of agreements in the sphere of circulation of real estate objects (purchase and sale, rental of non-residential premises, etc.),
    • recovery of debt under construction contracts and resolution of other disputes between the customer and the contractor,
    • other disputes in the area of real estate.