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Taxation and international structuring

“The most incomprehensible thing in the world is a value added tax.

There are no patriots when it comes to taxes...”


Company lawyers have vast experience in advising Ukrainian and foreign clients on legal aspects of taxation, including support in restructuring holding companies in several jurisdictions, tax auditing, providing legal support to the client during tax inspections, and representing clients’ interests in tax disputes.

We provide the following services:
    • advice on issues related to tax legislation;
    • tax planning and optimization;
    • recommendations on structuring international holding organizations taking into consideration the optimum tax load on the client’s business, and compliance services;
    • analysis of tax outcomes of concluded transactions;
    • preparation of appeals to authorized state institutions on issues related to application of tax legislation;
    • tax due diligence review, evaluation of a company’s tax planning system, current or potential tax risks;
    • support in conducting on-site tax inspections, including preparation of objections to the statements, and representation before tax authorities during the examination of inspection materials;
    • legal support of tax disputes in courts;
    • support of disputes, appealing against administrative and criminal liability.

Representation of tax payers before law enforcement bodies

Provision of qualified legal support for tax payers, their managers and employees at all stages of legal proceedings, provision of necessary legal assistance, including participation in the investigatory activities, analysis and legal evaluation of documents. To learn more about our criminal law practice, read here.

What is the purpose of international structuring? Advantages: Lawyers practicing in this area will tell you about its advantages. We will be glad to answer all your questions about how we can help your company bring its tax functions and structures in compliance with the expected opportunities of entering foreign markets.

We can help you to

    • develop an efficient structure of ownership, management and transactions from a taxation perspective;
    • structure investments in and outside of Ukraine;
    • form a chain of deliveries and joint provision of services which are effective in terms of taxation.

Moreover, with the help of a partner company we will create a holding for you that will comfortably function in the Netherlands, Latvia, the Arab Emirates, and Cyprus.