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“Business is more exciting than any game”


What process does a law firm use to form a list of practice areas in which it specializes? Every company has its own way of doing it.

Our list of practice areas is based on our mission, which is to support the enhancement of our Clients’ business efficiency. In other words, our services are most interesting and useful for areas which more than others strive to develop, expand their capacity and improve their operating technologies.

In Ukraine such areas include:
    • The financial sector (baking institutions, insurance, leasing and investment companies)
    • Construction
    • Engineering
    • Manufacture and export and import deliveries of equipment
    • Agriculture
    • Retail
    • Media and advertising
    • Entertainment and restaurant business operations
When do representatives of medium-sized and large business need to engage external legal support?
There are only three situations:
    • legal issues arise out too seldom to justify the hiring of a full-time lawyer. Only start-up, medium-sized businesses need this kind of legal support;
    •  there are so many legal issues arising and they are so varied that it is worth engaging external legal support to resolve some of them, especially when it is crucial to engage lawyers in a particular practice area;
    • a legal issue cannot be resolved by an in-house lawyer due to its specific nature (it is unusual; it involves high risks; it requires comprehensive approach on the part of lawyers who practice in different areas of law; it requires confidentiality, which is only possible within the client/lawyer relationship; an independent/unbiased view of the situation is needed).

Litigation is the most conspicuous example of the second situation. In litigation, it is best to put your trust in external lawyers with extensive experience of handling court matters to avoid creating conditions for in-house lawyers to gain similar experience. By the time they accumulate such experience, it may lose its relevance for you.

Therefore, you can safely entrust your interests to us when you need services in the following areas: